Demo Help


Once we have these programs installed, we will start by recording demos of our games, such as games. I advise to record short demos, in the case of matches, every team change and map start a new demo. This will avoid having long chunks of viewing, if what you want to extract is at the end of the demo.
To record a demo, you have to download the console once you are on the server, and set demo1 record
Where demo1 is a name we will give to the demo. Keep in mind that we must always put different names, otherwise we would eliminate the previous one. This way to the following demo we put for example: demo2. And so on. It is advisable to put short names, and you can not use spaces.
To end the recording period, we will download the console and write: stop
These demos, will be recorded in the folder of the Cstrike, within the Half-Life.


If our intention is to watch the demo and take pictures, we have to be careful to change the resolution of the Counter-Strike screen to 640×480. This will be found by entering the Counter game.

That is where we will change the resolution to what we like the most. (With SKPlayer point 6 this change can also be made.

Why is this done?

Well, if you happen to play as I do at 1024×768, each image that is taken from the demo, are 2 MB of memory. If we remove as we will indicate later 30 images per second, it means that we will spend 60 MB of memory per second. I assure you that you will eat up to 30 Gigas without even finding out. With the capacity problems that this entails (own experience: S). I like to see the demos in full screen, and with this thought, I advise the resolution of 640×480, because full screen looks pretty good, but each image is 1MB of memory. The lower the resolution, the lower the image size, but the worse you will see the full screen. Everyone who chooses what they like the most.